ZED Collective is excited to share that we involved in the Saudi Arabian Giga Project for the Red Sea Development Company. We are humbled to receive the opportunity to join this project as landscape architect especially for Jumeirah, Fairmont, and Four Seasons Hotel. 

The environmental characteristics define the unique and diverse experience within the landscape at Shura Island. Unique identities will be defined for each of the assets but the island wide planting strategies goal is to weave a common narrative through the island that respects the natural conditions and projects the intended uses and program.



Raised the concept of biomimicry in design making, this concept intends to unite nature and technology side by side. So as to create a good and environmentally friendly city, where at present many cities in Indonesia do not make the environment their main focus.

In addition to raising the concept of biomimicry, the design of Nagara Rimba Nusa also elevates the axes that are full of meaning at least three axes in the design that represent three main concept namely God, Nature, and Human.

In the teachings of Hinduism on the island of Bali, the concept of combining nature, humans and God is called the Tri Hita Karana teachings where the teachings are the breath of Balinese life (Hindu) and make the island of the Gods harmonious with the nature surroundings.

The teachings of Tri Hita Karana itself are contained in the Scriptures of the Bhagavat Gita III and have 10 philosophies of life that discuss human life in a complex manner which is not just spatial. and in the book Tri Hita Karana is essentially a balanced life attitude between worshiping God and serving humans.

As well as developing affection for fellow human beings and developing compassion for the environment

The first phase of project itself will be started in year of 2021 and will be finished in year of 2024, the first phase in the new capital is in the form of government buildings, official offices, including cultural parks and botanical gardens as green zones. In the second phase will be started in year of 2025 – 2029 such as houses for TNI / Polri and will be following with other supporting facilities began to be built, such as education center, health center, universities, science and technic parks, high tech and clean industries, R&D center, and sports center. The last phase is 2030 – 2045. At that time, the capital city was estimated to have reached 200 thousand hectares or more.

With a broader development focus such as national parks, orangutan conservation, and civil settlement clusters.




by WHZ Environmental Design


How landscape might influence…

the way we camp

When we talk about camping, we probably know how camping might look like and the kind of outdoor roughing out experience in a pitched tent. In this second edition of landscape influence, we shall take a look at Tiarasa Escapes Glamping Resort in Pahang, Malaysia and how it has redefined camping in a glamorous way. This is also a project that won the ‘Project of the Year’ in the recent Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2019.

The landscape architecture consultant from WHZ Environmental Design project not only successfully fulfilled the client brief in design and implementation for the beautiful sets and settings of the resort as a luxurious escape in a kampong setting. More importantly the project won the heart of the jury panel for many other reasons.

One of it was how the landscape architects respected the environment, “touched the earth” lightly by fitting the buildings into the site with minimum disturbance but embracing the terrains, trees and rocks as part of the natural landscape. The landscape architects preserved the nature with finesse in crafts and beauty integrated, making both landscape and architecture services look seamless and effortless. This is one camping experience that would leave you pampered and totally immersed in nature.

Project info

Client: Enfiniti Vision Media Sdn. Bhd.

Landscape Architect: WHZ Environmental Design Sdn. Bhd.

Contractor: WHZ Environmental Design Sdn. Bhd.

Planner: R Shankar Planning

Architect: SK Fong Architect

C&S Engineer: TC Lim & CO.

M&E Engineer: KSD & Associates Sdn. Bhd.

Land Surveyor: Allan Tung

Photography Credit: Wong Sze Ming @Creative Clicks Photography