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Ganga Ghats Riverfront Development 

The site extends from the Western bank of river Ganga from the New Ramnagar Bridge in South of Varanasi to Adi Keshav Temple in North, spanning a total length of about 8.4 km. With an Intention to boost tourism in Uttar Pradesh, the state government will develop a “heritage arc” between Lucknow, Agra and Varanasi. The following points identified ideas relevant to the Ganga, Varanasi project, to improve the infrastructure, include roads, pathways and condition of monuments, aimed to attract tourists while stressing that tourism has a direct impact on the economy and image of the state, job creation and investments. 

Nagara Rimba Nusa (Indonesia Capital City)

“Nagara Rimba Nusa” was selected before as first winner of the design contest for Indonesia’s New Capital City (IKN) in 2019. The design envision IKN as a city that’s built on the wisdom of the Forests and Cultures of Indonesia. The overall IKN development accommodates the three pillars of IKN Vision, that is to Represent Indonesia’s identity, Sustainable in economy, social, and environment and a Smart, Modern, and International standard city. 

It is an honoured ZED collective received 2 awards for Ganga Ghats Riverfront Development and Nagara Rimba Nusa (Indonesia Capital City) in Malaysia on 27 May 2023. MLAA embodied the resilience, creativity and unwavering spirit of the landscape architectural community.