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ZED team visited Mazhar Botanic Garden. The team accompanied by Dr Therese as Consultant of Botanical Gardens, by showing some of the existing plant collections, herbarium as well as various philosophies regarding plants found in the botanic garden.

Mazhar Botanic Garden is the first owned nonprofit botanical garden in Egypt, located in the Barageel district of the Giza governorate, 5 km away from central Cairo. Mazhar Botanic Garden began in the fifties as a garden for collecting various fruits & roses but gradually it turned to a live collection of all kinds of plants, including palms, trees, shrubs, bamboo, cactus, bulbs, ferns and aquatic plants. More than 3500 new plant species were brought from abroad seedlings or seeds through personal trips & importation. Successfully propagated in well equipped greenhouses. Mazhar botanic Garden contains a massive collection of cultivated plants, which made it a destination for researches & Experts. Now it is the 1st private & non profit botanical garden in Egypt.