ZED Collective is a small design studio based in Bali focused on creating remarkable landscapes. We believe our role will turn dreams into reality through shared journeys between the client and designer.

ZED considers all aspects of the existing, environmental, designed, invented and managed realm. Uniting these aspects with the cultural, social, sustainable and historic stories of a place, to create landscape architecture with

  • A vision of meaning and identity.
  • A design of function, practicality and build-ability, and a solution which touches the ground lightly.
  • A landscape which responds to the environmental ecosystems (whether natural, urban, flora and fauna).
Central courtyard to revive from Jakarta’s urban hustle & bustle



ZED is invested in the belief that the best design emerges by virtue of a fully integrated approach from concept to construction and beyond.

To this end we have developed a practice which thoughtfully explores each stage of a project’s cycle. We have an internationally experienced creative team working in tandem with a construction team boasting a wide ranging built portfolio. ZED strives for team integration from beginning to end; designing, building and procuring all aspects of the landscape. We involve the ongoing and future maintenance plan of each design to ensure buildable and cost effective projects.

“Our professionals believe in crafting, creating and building the environmentaround us, weaving in layered stories which have people and the environmentat the heart of the design”