Come on a journey North through the heart of this Ancient Island to rediscover

The Soul of Bali.

We begin the trail in southern rambling tourist villages & climb the foothills to open terraced paddy fields, passing ancient waterfalls & volcanic lakes, engulfed by rainforest & protected by troops of monk

As the serpent road rises to the ridge, we glimpse the ocean & become aware of Bali’s religious beginnings through the Hindu traveler, Nirartha at his arrival point in Pura Pulaki.

Continuing the journey along the North West coastline towards an island where deer swim the ocean currents, to forage during the day on an island, while below lies a coral escarpment with fish of all colors and inquisitive turtles come to welcome you to a place called


Our design has provided a physical form to these 3 causes through an axis we have entitled the BALI LINE.

The PEOPLE are represented by modern architecture, a cultural center with vernacular overlays & combine a rich history in myth, legends, music, art and performance. Views abound over the horizon and under the sea to provide an Aquarium like vista.

The NATURE of the north is revealed by the “undersea gardens” where 2 dragon protectors of Bali lie hidden below the water to be discovered by the adventurous. Basuki – a water serpent who created the islands of Bali and Taksaka – an air and heaven dragon. Both serpents protect the coral gardens a representation of Bali while swimmers explore the depths to discover fish, sunken boats, caves, statues & a temple which rises out of the water.

The symbol of GOD, is a half-submerged traditional rectangular temple and a representation of the seven Pura Segara or Sea Temples which surround the island. Only accessed by water it will become a beacon in the waterscape and the focal point of the design.

As dusk falls across Northern Bali, the beating drums announce the impeding show, lights shine across the shell of Bedawang (turtle), a floating stage on the inland sea. The cultural performance combines a light & water show, live singing & dancing, & the narration of the abundant myths & legends of Bali.